Arthroscopic ACL Reconstruction surgeon in Hyderabad

The majority of patients who are active with sports or at any other work that demands physical activities may need ACL reconstruction. The anterior cruciate ligament is popularly known as ACL, is vital for maintaining the knee joint’s stability, especially in pivoting, kicking, or weaving activities and any rupture in the ACL makes the knee unstable and might damage the joint over time. With the Best ACL surgeon in Hyderabad at Srikara Hospitals, you will get all the options you need, to restore the stability at the knee joint.

With the ruptured ACL, the knee becomes unstable, and the joint may tend to get more damage over time. The ACL reconstruction is the surgical treatment of options that can restore the stability at the knee joint.  

Arthroscopy ACL reconstruction  

Arthroscopy is an endoscopic surgical procedure by which a piece of pencil-sized equipment called an arthroscope is inserted into a joint without any incision or open cut. Then the fluid is inserted into the knee joint to allow the surgeon to thoroughly examine the interior part of the knee and determine the source of your problems.  

By the procedure’s time, the best ACL surgeon in Hyderabad can also insert surgical instruments by other small pinholes on your knees. This is to repair the cartilage or damaged tissues or to remove the loose pieces. It is one of the most common and highly preferred orthopedic procedures.  

Why arthroscopy ACL reconstruction?  

The main advantage afforded by arthroscopy is the ability to have multiple views of the joints’ inner parts. Compared to the other joint treatments, arthroscopy usually does little damage to the surrounding soft tissues. Many orthopedic surgeons agree that arthroscopy is the best diagnostic tool available to treat the patient.  

Arthroscopy provides additional pieces of information which are not possible by any other tests. It includes the information about which is derived by probing the affected tissue. Generally, general anesthesia is rarely indicated for arthroscopic surgery, and it is performed with regional or occasionally local anesthesia. The instrument used in the arthroscopic ACL surgery is very small, so only minor incisions are made into the skin. This offers the patients a large number of benefits.  

Who can opt for this treatment?  

Many people recover from ACL injuries with arthroscopic treatment. It is essentially short down with two things, how severely the stability of the knee has been affected. Here are some other essential aspects. 


If the knee keeps giving way due to chronic instability, it is recommended to have arthroscopic ACL surgery. It may happen at any time, so there is a risk of damage to the other structures in the knee. That is mainly to the meniscus and cartilage.  

The individual 

The requirement for this type of ACL surgery also depends on the activity levels of the affected individuals. Someone with an interest to return to sporting activity is more likely to get this surgery.  

What to expect from us 

Arthroscopic surgery is more often done based on outpatient, which means that there is no need for you to stay in our hospital. But you may feel tired for some days, and it may show you some signs like swelling, numbness, etc. But all those are the good signs of recovery. You can have visible and improved results soon with our treatment.