Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery in Hyderabad

Shoulder arthroscopy or Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery is also referred to as shoulder scope, and it is a minimally invasive surgical procedure used by orthopedic surgeons to treat various kinds of painful disorders of the shoulders. Some of those are cartilage disorders, rotator cuff tendon tears, torn ligaments, shoulder instability, bone spurs, etc. 

An arthroscopy is an instrument that appears thinner than a pencil. It contains a system of lenses, a small video camera, and a light that allows the surgeon to see the shoulder joint’s inside part. Since the early times, orthopedic surgeons have been performing arthroscopic shoulder surgery on a broad spectrum of painful shoulder discomforts.  

Many orthopedic surgeons agree that shoulder arthroscopy can diagnose, treat and recover the problem more comfortably and faster. The surgery is even more tuning up with the developing new instruments and techniques.  

Arthroscopy Shoulder Treatment

Many reasons can require arthroscopy, but some significant sorts can be treated with arthroscopic shoulder repair. 

Rotator cuff repair 

The rotator cuff is a network of four muscles that comes with a combination of tendons. This forms a covering around the head of your upper arm bone which is known as the humerus. A rotator cuff tear happens when one or more tendons are torn from the insertion into the bone. The shoulder arthroscopy can repair and reattach the torn rotator cuffs of tendons back to their regular insertion.  

Impingement bone spur removal  

As the rotator cuff, the spur is a bone growth that can damage and impinge the surrounding ligaments, bones, and tendons. Using the minimally invasive shoulder arthroscopy, your surgeon can directly go to the bone spur and remove it.  

Removal or repair of the labrum 

During arthroscopic shoulder surgery, we examine the labrum and also the biceps tendon. Depending on the labrum’s injury, we debride and remove any pieces of torn cartilages and repair the labrum when it is detached using suture anchors. We also release or reattach the biceps tendons accordingly.  

Removal of inflamed loose or tissue cartilage  

Any damaged lining or inflamed tissue of the shoulder joint and any loose tissue in the shoulder can be removed by arthroscopic shoulder surgery.  

Effects of this treatment 

We begin the process by making small incisions in your shoulder during arthroscopic shoulder surgery. The arthroscopy is inserted into one incision, and the other small incisions insert very thin surgical tools. This is to repair or remove the damaged structures and also the harmful debris like cartilage or bone chips.  

With the technological access of a camera and video monitor system, the surgeon can quickly examine the interior parts of your shoulder. Compared with traditional open shoulder surgery, shoulder arthroscopy allows for treating shoulder problems by an invasive technique and offers better results. 

 It needs a short time for the procedure, so it is high time consumable. The level of anesthesia required is also less, so it decreases postoperative discomfort. It is a general and most effective procedure to diagnose and repair your shoulder problems.