Shoulder Replacement Surgery in Hyderabad

The shoulder is one of the crucial joints that rotate with a greater range of motion than any joints throughout the body. If it is creating any pain to the point that you cannot reach into the cabinet, cannot sleep peacefully, or experiencing any other symptoms, you require shoulder replacement surgery in Hyderabad. It will assist the patient in getting rid of the pain and enhanced mobility. 

This type of surgery is also called shoulder arthroplasty, and with advanced technology, it helps with pain relief with normal motion and strength in the shoulder. With our surgery, there will not be any harm to the daily routine activities like yoga, swimming, or in your favorite sports like badminton or tennis. Our surgeon will work for the rapid improvements in the functions and comfort of severe shoulder pain. 

Shoulder replacement 

The procedure of shoulder replacement is a minimally invasive replacement procedure that our surgeon frequently recommends. The steps involved in the surgery include, 

  • Anesthesia: A regional anesthesia with interscalene block or general anesthesia will be given to the patients to avoid pain and discomfort during the procedure. The person is operating in the sitting position. 
  • Surgery: The procedure will begin with an incision in the shoulder area that has to be treated. Then, the deltoid and the petrol muscles are separated to give a sizable nerve-free area by which there will be no danger of any damages to the nerve. The anterior rotator cuff of the muscles is cut to view and manipulate the arthritis part to feel the pain. These parts are mainly the ball and the socket. 
  • The implant: The damaged part is removed and then implanted in the new socket and the stem component. The implants are of multiple types but mainly share the metal ball’s essential part against the plastic socket. Our goals will remove the arthritis humeral head and replace it with the implant of the metal ball and the sockets in the replacement process. 

After completing the implantation, the surgeon stitches the rotator cuff muscles and then finally stitches the incision and covers it using the temporary bandage. 

Symptoms of the shoulder replacement surgery 

Patients may need to look for shoulder replacement surgery when they are experiencing any of these symptoms. 

  • Severe pain 
  • Shoulder instability or tendency to dislocate 
  • Stiffness, swelling, and reduced range of motion 

How will our professional medical diagnosis? 

Our team of medical professional conducts a thorough evaluation that wills include   

  • Physical examination 
  • Discussion of the personal and family medical history 
  • Discussion about the symptoms 

We will further use the latest diagnostic test to understand the extent of the damage or disease in the shoulder joint and note the location to determine if the shoulder replacement surgery in Hyderabad is required or treated by implementing any other treatments. We often order the imaging test like, 

  • The computed tomography scans: The specialized x-ray technology will capture the cross-sectional images inside the patients’ bodies, producing the 3D images. 
  • X-rays: It is to check for bone fractures and the signs of any injury or wears 
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan: It is the use of the large magnet and the radio waves to produce detailed images of the soft tissues like ligaments, tendons, and cartilages 

Our advice for the fast recovery 

  • Never try to use the arm to push yourself up in the bed or from a chair for a few weeks because it needs muscle contraction.  
  • Try to follow the program of home exercise prescribed for you appropriately by the experts. 
  • Do not participate in any of the repetitive heavy lifting shoulder replacement. 
  • Avoid placing the arm in any extreme position, like straight out to the side or behind the body, for at least six weeks from the surgery.