Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery in Hyderabad

The robotic knee replacement is the latest technology introduced to enhance the surgery’s accuracy, and it is well-known to exceed the aliment and the joint line restoration significantly. It also comes with the potential to speed up the recovery process compared to traditional procedures.  It is an individually tailored approach.

The robotic procedure will allow the surgeon to take the patient’s anatomy, their soft tissue structure and customize the surgery as per the needs. This technology to repair the damaged bone surface will allow the knee replacement to be extremely accurate. The surgery will offer 100% precision to provide the exact custom fit.

Why robotic knee replacement?

Knee replacement treatment has been standard in the medical industry for decades. However, robotic knee replacement is the newly introduced technology. There is a dilemma in people’s minds on how the robotic method will be more beneficial than the conventional one. Here is a comparison to being a solution for the confusion

Conventional treatment vs robotic knee replacement treatment
  • Conventional treatment is highly effective, but robotic knee replacement is more effective than traditional replacement of the knee.
  • In the conventional method, only the damaged components will be replaced, but robotic techniques will allow the surgeon to preserve the joint’s undamaged portion.
  • X-rays are used in the convention method, and CT scan images are used in the robotic approach.
  • The conventional method offers good alignment and good results, and there are better alignment and outcomes in the robotic process than the traditional technique.
  • Conventional treatment will offer only partial knee replacement, but the robotic will offer the advanced replacement.

What does our surgeon will offer you?

Dr. Abhishek Barli, MS (Ortho), being an expert surgeon to offer the best robotic knee replacement, can provide undeniable wellness with technology-oriented surgery.

  • Safe and scalability
  • Consistency, precision, simplicity, and natural-feeling results
  • Reproductive and unparallel outcomes
  • Stable walking/climbing and lesser muscle strain after the surgery
  • Painless surgery and minimal blood loss
  • Faster recovery time
  • Preserve ligaments, bones, and knee caps
  • Less hospital stays with intense care.

Who can opt for robotic knee replacement?

For any treatment, there is a guideline for the patients. No doctors will offer advice on robotic knee replacement at the first visit. They will understand the patients’ health condition and understand the severity of the requirements to suggest the treatment. Initially, the patients will have less invasive therapy like

  • Anti-inflammatory medications
  • Cortisone shots
  • Weight loss through proper diet and medications
  • Physical therapy
  • Knee braces

If you can get relief from these conservative treatments, the surgeon may not advise you of the surgery. If the patients lie in the young age category and cannot get rid of other treatments, the surgeon would opt for it.