Hip Replacement Surgery in Hyderabad

The hip joint is made up of the ball and socket, where the socket is made of bone and cartilage, and the balls are the top of the thigh bone called the femoral head. Sometimes, any injury to the socket of the hip or even the thigh bond leads to pain, or difficulty with regular tasks, and the pain subsides. To overcome such situations, the hip replacement surgery is the operation that replaces the damaged ball and socket with a new and durable artificial synthetic part which mimics the ball and socket. We at Srikara Hospital, are a team of highly experienced surgeons to help you ease your pain with an affordable and the best hip replacement surgery cost in Hyderabad.

The robotic procedure will allow the surgeon to take the patient’s anatomy, their soft tissue structure and customize the surgery as per the needs. This technology to repair the damaged bone surface will allow the knee replacement to be extremely accurate. The surgery will offer 100% precision to provide the exact custom fit.

Hip replacement Surgeon

During the hip replacement surgery, Dr. Abhishek Barli, MS (Ortho), will make an incision over the side of the thigh, remove the diseased parts of the hip joint and replace it with the new artificial part. These parts will mimic the way of the typical hip joint works. The piece may be made of any plastic, metal, ceramic, or combination of any of these materials.  Our goals over the hip replacement will include,
  • Getting relieved from the damaged or diseases hip joints
  • Help you to move better.
  • Enhance the way that the hip joints will work
During our hip replacement surgery, the surgeon will try to use the smallest incision possible to limit the injury to the area’s soft tissue and bone.

After the procedure 

Soon after the surgery, we will move the patient to the recovery area for a few hours as your anesthesia will wear off. The medical staff will monitor the blood pressure, alertness, pulse, pain, or comfort level that you need for the medications. If you are in good health condition, you can even go home on the same day. However, our surgeon will advise you to admit to the hospital for one or more nights. You will be under monitoring for breathing deeply, cough or blow into the device to help keep the fluid out of the lungs. 

Signs bring the necessity for hip replacement

  • Hip pain prevents when you are walking, climbing stairs, bending, or doing any daily chores.
  • Stiffness in the hip that will prevent lifting the leg
  • Pain in the hip even when you are under rest
  • Failure of the non-surgical treatment to get rid of relief
  • The depression or any other changes in the mental health

Recovery from the treatment 

You have to be in the hospital for 3 to 5 working days, but the recovery time will vary from one another. Once you are ready to be discharged, we will give you the guidelines to follow at home. You have to use the frame or crutches initially, and the physiotherapist will educate you with the exercise you have to adapt to strengthen the hip muscles. Later, the occupational therapist will look if you need any equipment to help and manage at home. You may also enroll in any of the exercise programs designed to help you regain and improve the use of the hip joint. It is better to return to the regular activities within six weeks after checking up from our physicians. 

Our advice for fast recovery 

Before you leave the hospital, you and your caregivers will get some tips to caring for a faster recovery.
  • You have to arrange a friend or relative to have meals and other assistance
  • Consider making some modifications to your homes like raised toilets, seats, and other comfort factors.
  • Place the regular usage things at the waist level, so you need not keep bending for everything.
  • Put things you need like a phone, TV remote, medicine, and books at a place that is easily accessible.