Activities After Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery is the best way to bring back your mobility after accidents. Every patient has a myth of immediately running after complete knee replacement, but that is just a myth. The technology of robotic knee replacement surgery can bring back normal flexibility to you, and you can achieve comfortable, fast movement with your knees through regular practice. For this most effective result of knee replacement, you have to give a certain time for healing. If you make stress and create pressure on your knees without proper healing, then you have to face durable pain for a long time. To avoid this mess, you have to follow the below procedure after your knee replacement surgery.

Proper care until healing

You have to be careful for a few months after robotic knee replacement. Even though you can have easy movement, you must not suppress more stress to your knees for a certain time. You have carefully note your physical condition and operate part for any warning signs of infection or blood clot.

Signs of infection:
  • The temperature shoots up higher than 100 degrees
  • Shaking and shivering with a temperature drop
  • Increased redness, tenderness, or swelling around the operated spot.
  • Dryness around your wound
  • High level of pain at both active and rest state

These symptoms indicate that you are allergic to the operations. The blood clot is one major discomfort that might happen with improper activities immediately after robotic joint replacement. These blood clots can be easily avoided with the proper post-surgical therapy from an experienced orthopedic. These blood clots will usually happen only when you are rough with your joint before healing.

Signs of a blood clot:
  • Prolonged pain at calf or leg unrelated to your incision
  • Tender red spots above your knee
  • Swelling of the calf muscle at an abnormal rate.

When you carefully consider these symptoms and insist on proper treatment, you will quickly recover. Usually, these types of allergies after Robotic knee replacements are treated with several medications at the initial stage, but when it grows worst, the doctors might surgically handle this.

Supporting Healing process after knee replacement

You have to spend quality time and little amount to support your healing process after your knee replacement surgery. The below consideration has to be arranged before involving a knee replacement. For this, you have to add a little more expense to your robotic knee replacement surgery cost and commit an ortho therapist to support your healing process with perfect mobility. Along with this, you have to initiate the following arrangement in your lifestyle:

Prepare your home:

You have to consider the below procedures to prepare your home, which makes you feel more comfortable with your healing process.

  • Rearrange your furniture to your comfortable place with all canes, walkers, or crutches near you.
  • Changing your room to an easy-access location will be help full for healing. Your room must be on the ground floor, closer to the restrooms, dining, and bed.
  • Stay away from stares and clean up unwanted rugs that could cause you to slip.
  • Consider buying a comfortable seater with versatile features.
  • Install a shower chair, gripping bar, and raise your toilet seat with your regular bath area.
  • Place a long-handled shoehorn, long-handled sponge, or another grabbing tool to avoid bending and straining.
Diet and medication: 

Consider a regular diet which your surgeon has advised. It is better to avoid more fat and solemn omega, which might increase your healing time and result in overweight during your rest period.

Medications are very important for your fast healing process. Prepare a chart with proper prescription and take all medicines properly. Ask your doctor with over the counter information about your supplements and use them effectively. Your doctor might suggest you with a set of medications that prevent infections and blood clots. Antibiotic supplements are most prominent for your super healthy healing.

Exercise and physical activity:

You will be almost ready to continue with your routine physical activity at the mid-stage of recovery. But consider starting in slowly with some exercise with the proper guide or therapist. You can start walking as per your ability and increase the distance gradually.

Bottom line:

With the above tips, you can get back to your perfect normal mobility soon after your Robotic knee replacement surgery.

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