Shoulder Replacement Surgery

What is Shoulder replacement surgery?

With the growing age, an individual may experience a lot of pains, diseases, or weakness. Generally, after 35+years there may be common issues like joint pains, knee pains, backaches, and others. One of the most common is shoulder pain. As per research conducted, the average complaints about shoulder joint pains are between 25 -55 years, and in most cases, the shoulder damage is caused due to osteoarthritis.
A shoulder is made up of three bones and these allow the shoulder to rotate with high motion than any other joint in the body.

What are the causes of shoulder joint replacement surgery?

Several conditions are responsible for the shoulder pain that lead to shoulder replacement surgery such as:

2.Rheumatoid arthritis
3.Broken shoulder or fractures
4.Avascular necrosis

1.Osteoarthritis: Due to the physical wear and tear of the cartilage inside the joint for years, there is a possibility of experiencing severe shoulder pains. The most common cause for shoulder joint replacement among adults as well as active young people like sportsperson who put continuous pressure on their shoulders. It is caused when the cartilage that pads the bones is worn out.

2.Rheumatoid arthritis: This is an autoimmune disease caused due to inflammation and thickening of the synovial membrane that surrounds the joints. This chronic inflammation damages the cartilage resulting in causing cartilage loss, pains, and stiffness. Many people with these conditions who have gone through shoulder joint replacement surgery experience reduced pain and improvement in shoulder functioning.

3.Broken Shoulder or fractures: Fracture is one of the common reasons for shoulder replacement surgery. In this case, if the joints in the shoulder bone are shattered it is difficult to fix and hence replacement is one option recommended by the surgeons.

4.Avascular necrosis: This is a painful condition where the blood supply to the bone is interrupted. The damage happens to the bone cells without the blood supply and can ultimately cause destruction to the shoulder joint.

Who needs a Shoulder Joint Replacement Surgery?

The most common reason for shoulder joint replacement surgery is when an individual has shoulder arthritis pain and cannot be cured by non-surgical treatments. Some of the causes may be:

Severe shoulder pain that interferes with everyday physical activities such as dressing, toileting, washing
Pain during sleep or while resting
Weakness in the shoulder
Little or no improvements after trying conservative therapies.

Which is the right age for shoulder replacement surgery?

The most common symptom for a person to have this surgery is when they experience severe arthritis pain and cannot be controlled by medications or any physical exercises. Generally, all shoulder replacement surgeries are carried out for patients under the age of 55. However, in younger patients who are involved in regular sports activities, wear and tear can be caused at an early age. Continuous pain in the shoulder, weakness in the shoulder, and pain while resting can be the early symptoms of the need for surgery.

What is the procedure involved in shoulder replacement surgery?

The shoulder replacement surgery is generally carried out in 2 -3 hours. You will receive general anesthesia or regional anesthesia which means you will be unconscious or awake but sedated during the surgery. The process of surgery involves the replacement of the damaged joint “ball” called as humeral head of the shoulder with a metal ball. A plastic surface known as a Glenoid is placed over the socket of the shoulder. Sometimes, a partial shoulder replacement surgery is also performed where only the ball of the joint is replaced. After the whole procedure, you will be shifted to the recovery room.

Types of Shoulder Replacement surgeries

1.Resurfacing Hemiarthroplasty
2.Stemless Total shoulder arthroplasty
3.Anatomic Total shoulder replacement
5.Reverse Total shoulder replacement

Shoulder replacement surgery recovery time

The shoulder replacement surgery is a major operation and you might likely have pain while recovering. The recovery period varies from person to person and the type of surgery performed. It generally takes about eight to nine weeks for patients to recover. Returning to work or resuming everyday chores depends on the progress with your therapy.

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